If you're pro-peace, progressive, radical, "part of the left," liberal, or anything in between. If you love to read, know the danger of corporate domination and support independent businesses. If you're an activist, anti-war, anti-violence, and anti-hate. If you're a woman, lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans, queer or support those who are. If you've been ashamed of our government. If you support a woman's right to choose safe birth control, abortion, or access to reliable reproductive health information. If you're an artist. If you know Bush was selected. If you believe everyone deserves health care. If you're pro-environment, put people before profit and are working for social justice. If you're trying to raise a strong girl or a non-violent boy. If you're a person of color. If you value independent voices and know that they are silenced every day. If you know that books can change lives. If you want more