Don't Let the Flies In: Edith Stories by Maryann Hopper


"He flipped two small levers and heaved the door so hard on its rails that the clatter was piercing. We scurried past Jake into the light of the shop like frantic insects exposed under a rock. I was the first to the outside door, twisting the handle desperately to pop the lock in the knob. Ruby was pushing against my shoulders with her frigid fingers." These five stories give a glimpse into Edith's dealings with her husband, Kenny T, and the escapades that she embarks on with her friend Ruby. In these tales set in the rural South, you are welcomed into a coterie prone to humorous and intriguing mishaps. If Edith is not reacting to some upset provoked by her husband, Kenny T, she's recording what puzzles her in her spiral-bound diary. Just baking her "different but delicious" concoctions leads to much more than she intended. Edith and Kenny T's relationship is often a little rocky since they both have minds of their own. Kenny T has a wandering eye and a desire for schemes that only his bird dog Watchman gives an ear to. Everyday Edith talks on the phone to her friend Ruby, who is often quick to speak her mind and join in on surprising escapades. In each story the paths these colorful characters cross lead to unexpected outcomes. Edith's strong will is not thwarted, but expanded to take in feelings she is surprised to discover in herself.


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