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List of Feminist Bookstores

Below is a list of all the feminist bookstores that we know of in North America and internationally. If you find others in your travels or if a new feminist bookstore pops up in your city please let us know! We also love the many other LGBT, anarchist, radical, and progressive bookstores throughout the world who practice feminism in their work.  

All She Wrote Books: Somerville, MA

Antigone Books: Tucson, AZ

Bloodroot: Bridgeport, CT

Bluestockings: New York, NY

BookWoman: Austin, TX

Burdock Book Collective: Birmingham, AL

Cafe Con Libros: Brooklyn, NY

Card Carrying Books & Gifts: Corning, NY

Charis Books & More: Decatur, GA

Firestorm Books and Coffee: Asheville, NC

Fulton St. Books: Tulsa, OK

Harriett's Bookshop: Philadelphia, PA

Harvest Moon Books: Albuquerque, NM

L'Euguélionne, Feminist Bookstore: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

People Called Women: Toledo, OH

Room of One's Own: Madison, WI

The Salt Eaters: Inglewood, CA

A Seat at the Table Books: Elk Grove, California

Third House Books: Gainesville, FL

Venus Envy: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada:

Violet Valley Bookstore: Water Valley, MS

Wild Fig Coffee & Books: Lexington, KY

Women and Children First: Chicago, IL

Womencrafts: Provincetown, MA

1977 Books: Montgomery, AL:

International Feminist Bookstores:

Berkana: Madrid, Spain:

Black Feminist Bookshop: London, England

ChickLit: Vienna, Austria

Confraria Vermelha Livraria de Mulheres: Porto, Portugal

Coven: Paris, France:

Dali Bom Books: Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea:

Espace des Femmes: Paris, France:

Fem Books: Taipei, Taiwan

Femicomix Finland:  Helsinki, Finland:

The Feminist Bookshop: Brighton, UK:

Lighthouse Books: Edinburgh, Scotland:

Liberia Mujeres: Madrid, Spain:

Liberia de Mujeres: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Llibreria Pròleg: Barcelona, Spain:

Long Story Short: St. George’s, Bermuda

Mujeres & Compania: Madrid Spain:

Pages of Cheshire Street: London, UK: 

Persephone Books: London, UK

Savannah Bay: Utrecht, Netherlands:

Second Shelf: London, UK:

Wanita'Baca: Yogyakarta, Indonesia:

The Women's Bookshop: Auckland, New Zealand