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How to Get Us to Sell Your Book

Dear Author, Publicist, or Program Presenter,
Thank you for your interest in sharing your work with Charis. We are committed to supporting local independent authors and would not be the space that we are without you! While we make an effort to evaluate every book submitted to us for consideration, please understand that we receive a substantial volume of requests every day and may not be able to personally respond to every one of them. We are proud to be a small, mission-driven feminist bookstore that carefully curates our shelves. Each book must fit our store's mission and speak to the interests of the people we serve. Together with our non-profit programming partner Charis Circle, Charis Books exists to foster sustainable feminist communities, work for social justice, and encourage the expression of diverse and marginalized voices. Knowing our store and the kinds of events we promote is the most important prerequisite to requesting the stocking of your book (it also helps to be a customer and program attendee!).  A friendly word of advice, is not an independent distributor, they are our competition, and we will frown at you if you suggest we can just "buy your book on Amazon." Please read everything below.

The basics of getting your book on the shelves at Charis:

  • The content should be a good fit for our feminist bookstore.

  • The book should be professionally edited, proofed, formatted, designed, and should already be published.

  • It should be priced reasonably and comparably to other similar titles and should have the title and author’s name on the spine and a registered ISBN on the back.

  • The book should not advertise Amazon or other competitors on the cover or within the pages of the book.

If the book is a self-published or a self-promoted small press title that fits our above criteria and you are local to Atlanta, we can carry your book on consignment. For local authors we offer a standard 60/40 consignment agreement where the author sets the price of the book and gets 60% of the sale and we keep 40% of the sale and pay the sales tax on the book. We sign a contract either for 90 days (renewable) or on a per event basis and we pay you for sold books within approximately 30 days of the end of the consignment period. We don't do consignment through the mail.

If your book is otherwise distributed by Ingram (regular discount and returnable) or the publisher with standard bookstore terms please let us know.

When we do stock your book, we request that you list our store name, website, and social media on your author’s website and social media pages and encourage your friends and fans to purchase your book from us.

If after considering the points above, you would like us to consider stocking your books, please fill out this form. Please do not drop off or mail a copy of the book.

Please email us at if you have other questions.