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Random House Workshops: Samara Bay’s How to Be Heart & Lead with Confidence

Event date: 
Thursday, February 23, 2023 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm

A Virtual Random House Workshops: Samara Bay’s How to Be Heart & Lead with Confidence. 

About this event:

Join Charis Books and More and Random House in welcoming Samara Bay for a virtual workshop for her new book, Permission to Speak: How to Change What Power Sounds Like, Starting with You. 

This event is hosted by Random House but your purchase of a book-bundled ticket will support Charis.

About the book: 

Getting heard is a tricky business: It’s what you say and how you show up, filtered through your audience’s assumptions and biases—and maybe even your own. For women, people of color, immigrants, and queer folks, there’s often a dissonance between how you speak and how we collectively think powerful people should speak: like the wealthy white men who’ve historically been in charge. But, fortunately, the sound of power is changing.

Permission to Speak is your tool kit for making that change. In this revolutionary take on how to use your voice to get what you want, sought-after speech coach Samara Bay offers a fresh perspective on public speaking and a new definition of what power sounds like: namely, you. Blending anecdotes with eye-opening research in leadership, linguistics, and social science, Permission to Speak shows you how to strike the right balance of strength and warmth to land your message; exactly what to do before a high-stakes scenario so that your voice, your mind, and your spirit are ready; and how to turn habits like vocal fry and upspeak into tools. Most importantly, you’ll discover your voice story: why you talk the way you do, what’s wonderful about it, and what you’ve outgrown.

Fiery, fun, and truly profound, Permission to Speak is a personal and cultural reckoning with what speaking in public is and what it can be. This book meets the moment and offers this provocation: When we change what power sounds like, we change who has it.

About the author: 

Samara Bay coaches rising business leaders, political hopefuls, and public figures who need to speak in a voice they recognize as their own to truly make waves. She runs workshops and speaks at organizations around the world to support a new, diverse sound of power. In Hollywood, she helps movie stars integrate good acting with good accents, and has coached clients including Gal Gadot, Pierce Brosnan, Penélope Cruz, Ricky Martin, Terry Crews, Rachel McAdams, Ruth Negga, and Anjelica Huston. She has a BA from Princeton University and an MFA from Brown University. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and dog, Moxie.

Ticketing Details: 

This event will take place on zoom and you will receive a separate email no later than 5pm ET on the day of the event with your unique viewing link. The event will be available to view for ticket holders for up to ten days after the live airing. 

You may choose a free view only ticket, or a book bundled ticket, which allows you to view the event and the bundle includes a copy of the book.

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Event Summary: 
Join Charis Books and More and Random House in welcoming Samara Bay for a virtual workshop for her new book, Permission to Speak: How to Change What Power Sounds Like, Starting with You.