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PERVERSE AND NEURODIVERSE: Exploring Kink Through the Lens of Neurodiversity

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm

This event takes place on crowdcast, Charis' virtual event platform. Register here.

Charis, Blood Sweat and Queers, and Kiss & Ride Present: PERVERSE AND NEURODIVERSE: Exploring Kink Through the Lens of Neurodiversity. Are you neurodiverse and interested in learning more about kink? This virtual event features four neurodiverse panelists that are all involved in the kink, BDSM, and leather communities. The Panelists will be sharing their lived experience about how neurodiversity influences how they navigate the community, communication around negotiation and consent, how to make the community more inclusive and accessible, and more. This event is co-hosted by Blood Sweat and Queers, a social group for kinky queers and Kiss & Ride, a queer centered and disability inclusive sexual wellness shop. 

Moderator: Sarah of Kiss & Ride

Sarah (they/them) is the creator of Kiss & Ride. K&R is a queer-centered and disability inclusive sexual wellness store working on opening in Atlanta. The idea of Kiss & Ride formed as Sarah began their own journey of leaving behind purity culture and relearning the joys of sex. 


Grace (She/They) is queer, black, polyam, and self diagnosed neurodivergent kinkster and bird nerd. They grew up and lived in Atlanta for some time, but currently reside in Colorado. She has been involved in the kink scene since 2011 and finds value and care in community building and making space for POC voices.

Mags (they/them) is a non-binary, polyamorous and pan sexual sadomasochist and so much more. They are also a disabled, hard of hearing, neurospicy individual, and one of the rare people from Atlanta who were actually born and raised there! They currently live just south of the city with their husband, fur kids and roommate of 15 years. As a person with multiple invisible disabilities, Mags has developed a unique skill set to find ways that help them function optimally in a more able bodied, hearing, neurotypical world, both ‘nilla and kinky. Mags has a large conglomeration of interests outside of kink that have helped shape who they are. From spirituality, environmental studies, homesteading, Dr. Who, sci-fi, anthropology, psychology, a fascination with odd scientific studies, to studying death and grief in modern society they love learning and exploring all of their interests. Mags likes to say that they bring a very odd set of skills to the table for their household and also for their Daddy. Fortunately, they all like Mags weird! With more than 30 years in the lifestyle, Mags is passionate about education; they are an autodidact, a mentor, a protégé and student themself. They believe that there are always opportunities to learn and grow, no matter how long we have been around! Mags formerly hosted the Bottoms up Munch in Atlanta and was the co-producer for Submissive Journey Weekend. They have taught throughout the Southeast at Frolicon, SouthEast Leatherfest, and at many local munches. Mags likes to bring their voice as a person with many intersectional marginalized identities to conversations to help empower others.

Kolby Brianne is a Black, autistic, non-binary Femme Leatherdyke and Leatherworker currently residing in Connecticut. Their leatherwork brand Kolby Brianne Leather focuses on simple, unique, sexy pieces for everyday life and play that anybody of any size can feel good in. They began their kink and leatherworking journeys around the same time and loves to bring their perspective as a Femme and as a switch to the design process.

Apollo (he/him) is SouthEast Bootblack 2022 - 2023, a queer Leatherman, Top-leaning Switch, Primal, edge player, Sadomasochist and fetishist. He identifies as a polyam GNC trans man and panromantic demisexual. A Feline, hedonist and heretic, Apollo’s favorite play usually involves sharps and blood. Though Neurodivergent (AuDHD) and physically disabled, Apollo advocates for those like him deserving space and visibility in the community. Being of mixed Lebanese/Irish-Romani descent, Apollo is passionate about education and equality for Romanies both outside, and inside the community.

Blood, Sweat, and Queers - Atlanta (BSQ) mission is to foster sustainable queer space in the kink community, provide a safer space for members of and those interested in the Atlanta kink, BDSM, and leather communities; to facilitate events for play, education, and service that cultivate community and uphold values that prioritize BIPOC, trans and non-binary experiences.

Kiss & Ride is a queer-centered sexual wellness store based in Atlanta. They aim to create a queer-centered and disability-inclusive space for our LGBTQIA+ community. Kiss & Ride firmly believes that Atlanta, especially Atlanta's queer community, deserves in-person access to a space where you can feel safe, comfortable, and shame-free while learning and exploring, no matter your identity, experience, or curiosity.

This event is free and open to all people, especially to those who have no income or low income right now, but we encourage and appreciate a solidarity donation in support of the work of Charis Circle, our programming non-profit. Charis Circle's mission is to foster sustainable feminist communities, work for social justice, and encourage the expression of diverse and marginalized voices.

This event will be professionally interpreted by American Sign Language Interpreters. If you would like to watch the event with live AI captions, you may do so by watching it in Google Chrome and enabling captions: Instructions here. If you have other accessibility needs or if you are someone who has skills in making digital events more accessible please don't hesitate to reach out to We are actively learning the best practices for this technology and we welcome your feedback as we begin this new way of connecting across distances.

By attending our virtual event you agree to our Code of Conduct: Our event seeks to provide a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), class, or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. Sexual language and imagery are not appropriate. Anyone violating these rules will be expelled from this event and all future events at the discretion of the organizers. Please report all harassment to immediately.

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The Panelists will be sharing their lived experience about how neurodiversity influences how they navigate the community, communication around negotiation and consent, how to make the community more inclusive and accessible, and more.