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Fundraiser for SONG's Black Mama's Bail Out Action

Event date: 
Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Mother's Day is approaching, and we can think of no better gift than to join the campaign to help incarcerated mothers post bail and spend Mother's Day with their families.  The Black Mamas Bail Out is for all mamas and all of our families, chosen or otherwise. 

The week before Mother’s Day, a collection of over a dozen local base-building and national organizations will bail out as many Black mothers as possible, who, without our support, would spend Mother’s Day in a cell because they are unable to afford bail. The National Black Mama’s Bail Out Day will give incarcerated mothers an opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with their families, highlight the impact of inhumane and destructive bail practices on our communities and support the base-building of local organizations working with communities on the frontlines of mass incarceration.

Why? An average of 700,000 people are separated from their families every day, and they are condemned to cages simply because they cannot afford to pay bail. In addition to the over $9 billion wasted to incarcerate folks who have not been convicted of a crime, pre-trial incarceration has catastrophic impacts on families and communities. The actions this Mother’s Day will highlight the human costs of money bail and will leverage our collective power and resources to bail mothers out of jail so they can spend Mother’s Day with their families and communities.

Please join us for a family and student friendly "house party" at the new Charis building to eat, drink non-alcoholic beverages, learn more about the campaign to #EndMoneyBail and donate to The Black Mama's Bail Out Action. Let's #fundthefeministfuture together and get as many Mamas as possible home. Children are welcome. There is not a specific suggested donation but we ask that you come ready to give as generously as possible via cash, check, credit card. If you are a mother or parent, consider asking your family to donate to the fund in honor of you. 

To find out more about the national campaign, visit

What is SONG?

Southerners on New Ground is a 25-year old multi-racial Southern LGBTQ Liberation organization working for dignity, justice and safety for ALL people. We are a kinship organization - meaning we bring our people together to break isolation and we gather our people to FIGHT against the institutions and policies that crush and kill us. What does that mean in practice? It means that we are working to equip our base and members (1) to take on key anti-criminalization campaigns across the region, (2) to shift culture and change hearts and minds, and (3) to embody a pro Black, Pro Queer, Pro-Trans, Pro-Worker, Pro-Immigrant approach to changing our communities, region, and world. Find out more on the SONG website at


Event address: 
184 S. Candler St.
Decatur, GA 30030