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These days there's more information than ever at your fingertips but useful information is harder to come by. Charis is dedicated to connecting you with the programs, books, and conversations you need to help you build a better neighborhood, better school, or better self.

Each dollar you donate to Charis Circle helps bring valuable and exciting artists, writers, and truthtellers to our community to share their work and enrich our lives. Donate now. 


As a largely volunteer-based, non-profit organization Charis Circle depends solely on donations from individual contributors and on grants available through foundations or other sources to fund its programs. Our circle of contributors includes people from all walks of life they give small and big amounts on a regular basis or make donations whenever they can. They live in the Atlanta area, in other parts of the Southeast and as far away as Canada. Join the Circle now by becoming a Charis Circle Cornerstone Member and donating each month or consider Charis in your legacy and estate planning for the future. Charis Circle also gladly welcomes gifts of stock, property or other tangible goods. Charis Circle is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization and all donations are tax-deductible.