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Coming Out

Resources on coming out for young people and adults and their families.

This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids: A Question & Answer Guide to Everyday Life (Book for Parents of Queer Children, Coming Out to Parents and Family) Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781452127538
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Published: Chronicle Books - September 9th, 2014

Written in an accessible Q&A format, here, finally, is the go-to resource for parents hoping to understand and communicate with their gay child. Through their LGBTQ-oriented site, the authors are uniquely experienced to answer parents' many questions and share insight and guidance on both emotional and practical topics.

Rainbow Relatives: Real-World Stories and Advice on How to Talk to Kids About LGBTQ+ Families and Friends Cover Image
ISBN: 9781510731738
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Published: Skyhorse - May 8th, 2018

Whether you have your own questions because you’re preparing to come out to your kids, or you aren’t sure how to explain to your kids why their uncle has a boyfriend or why their friend has two mommies, this book can help.

This Book Is Gay Cover Image
By Juno Dawson, David Levithan (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9781492617839
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Published: Sourcebooks Fire - June 2nd, 2015

"The book every LGBT person would have killed for as a teenager, told in the voice of a wise best friend. Frank, warm, funny, USEFUL." --Patrick Ness, bestselling author

Helping Your Transgender Teen: A Guide for Parents Cover Image
ISBN: 9781785928017
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Published: Jessica Kingsley Publishers - January 18th, 2018

Going through puberty and adolescence presents unwelcome changes for many transgender youth, and this book provides advice to parents of transgender teens to help them understand what their child is experiencing and feeling during this challenging time.

Always My Child: A Parent's Guide to Understanding Your Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, or Questioning Son or Daughter Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780743226493
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Published: Touchstone - January 2nd, 2003

The first book to focus on the day-to-day experiences of adolescents dealing with sexual identity issues, Always My Child provides the insights and practical strategies parents need to support their kids and cope themselves.

A Woman Like That: Lesbian And Bisexual Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories Cover Image
ISBN: 9780380802470
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Published: William Morrow Paperbacks - October 24th, 2000

The act of "coming out" has the power to transform every aspect of a woman's life: family, friendships, career, sexuality, spirituality. An essential element of self-realization, it is the unabashed acceptance of one's "outlaw" standing in a predominantly heterosexual world.

It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living Cover Image
By Dan Savage (Editor), Terry Miller (Editor)
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ISBN: 9780452297616
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Published: Penguin Books - January 25th, 2012

Every story can change a life.

Growing up isn't easy. Many young people face daily tormenting and bullying, and this is especially true for LGBT kids and teens. In response to a number of tragic suicides by LGBT students, syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage uploaded a video to YouTube with his partner, Terry Miller.

Lesbian Epiphanies: Women Coming Out in Later Life (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies) Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781560239642
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Published: Routledge - June 18th, 1999

Exploring identity development and gender orientation, Lesbian Epiphanies: Women Coming Out in Later Life contains firsthand information about the experiences and difficulties of women who discover and reveal their newfound lesbian sexuality in later life.

Now That You Know: A Parents’ Guide to Understanding Their Gay and Lesbian Children, Updated Edition Cover Image
ISBN: 9780156006057
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Published: Mariner Books - June 1st, 1998

Now updated with new material on AIDS and support groups, this “completely non-judgmental, very informative, and extremely effective book” (Library Journal)is a standard reference for parents of gays and lesbians.

Beyond Acceptance: Parents of Lesbians & Gays Talk About Their Experiences Cover Image
ISBN: 9780312167813
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Published: St. Martin's Griffin - November 15th, 1997

"Mom, Dad, I'm gay." When a parent hears these words, the initial shock is often followed by feelings ranging from anger and denial to fear and guilt. It's also the beginning of a difficult journey that, with understanding and emotional support, can lead to acceptance and beyond.

Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women's Love and Desire Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780674032262
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Published: Harvard University Press - April 1st, 2009

Is love "blind" when it comes to gender? For women, it just might be. This unsettling and original book offers a radical new understanding of the context-dependent nature of female sexuality. Lisa M.

Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Teens Cover Image
ISBN: 9781627781749
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Published: Cleis Press - September 13th, 2016

Is it just a phase, a fad, or a real issue with your teen? This comprehensive guidebook explores the unique challenges that thousands of families face every day raising a teenager who may be transgender, gender-variant or gender-fluid.

Unconditional: A Guide to Loving and Supporting Your LGBTQ Child (Book for Parents of a Gay or Transgender Child) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781633535152
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Mango - April 18th, 2017

#1 New Release on Amazon ─ Winner of the Sixth Annual Bisexual Book Award for Non-fiction, 2017

Looking for LGBTQ books that offer guidance on providing loving support to your LGBT child?

Mom, I'm Gay, Revised and Expanded Edition Cover Image
ISBN: 9780664262228
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Westminster John Knox Press - May 6th, 2016

When your child reveals that he or she is attracted to the same sex, how you respond may have a lot to do with your faith. Doesn't the Bible say that's wrong? Will we have to leave our church? Worst of all, you may wonder, "Do I have to choose between my Christian faith and my child?"

Unashamed: A Coming-Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians Cover Image
ISBN: 9780664265052
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Westminster John Knox Press - March 1st, 2019

On a daily basis, author and LGBTQ advocate Amber Cantorna receives emails asking the same question: How does one reconcile their sexuality with their faith? Depression, despair, and thoughts of suicide often haunt LGBTQ Christians as they feel unable to imagine the possibility of living a happy, fulfilling life as an LGBTQ person of faith.

God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships Cover Image
ISBN: 9781601425188
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Convergent Books - June 16th, 2015

The landmark book exploring what the Bible actually says—and doesn’t say—about same-sex relationships.

The Abc's of Lgbt+: (Gender Identity Book for Teens, Teen & Young Adult Lgbt Issues) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781633534094
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Mango - November 8th, 2016

Seeking a Deeper Understanding of Gender Identity?

"Ash Hardell's The ABC's of LGBT+ serves as a powerful tool for those that might be questioning their own identity, as well as for those seeking a deeper knowledge...." ―Everyone Is Gay

#1 Best Seller in Transgender Studies and Bisexuality