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Incite: Scars of Lumierna (Paperback)

Incite: Scars of Lumierna By Kelsea Koops Cover Image
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Book 2

Nearly escaping death by the flames of Wyverna, Stirling Bakere escapes to the main continent setting his eyes on the southeast horizon. Reaching the end, he is thrust into a new kingdom of opportunities while learning to cope with his scarred and lingering past.

Hands trembling at his sides and lungs failing to breathe, Stirling is put on center stage in the Kingdom of Tillfalya's Skylit Endeavor, which up until now, were dragon games played only by the rich. Beaten down physically and mentally, Stirling keeps rising back up closing the social gap. Stirling and Ignis will remind those who lost their way, why they raced in the beginning.

Left behind in Leucasia, the capital of the Isles of Wyverna, Amiria Rey sees firsthand the abuse of power. Innocent lives are lost and truths unfold in a city she no longer recognizes. Her only safe haven is the bakery where King Dietrich is no longer breathing down her neck and she can pretend her hand hasn't been offered away to a man who isn't what he appears to be.

Far from home and the life she once dedicated herself to, Amiria is left with two choices, to follow Stirling's path into the unknown or to face the ever-looming noose.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218291334
Publisher: Kelsea Koops
Publication Date: October 13th, 2023
Pages: 554
Language: English