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America Together in 2024: A Petition for an Independent President (Paperback)

America Together in 2024: A Petition for an Independent President By Kevin M. Thelen Cover Image
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Are you tired of anger, fear, and blame dividing American politics? In America Together 2024, Kevin Thelen approaches the subjects of self-worth, culture, and politics from a place of experience and passion. Your perspectives will be challenged as visions for a post-2024 America expose the overlooked vulnerabilities that are eroding security and freedom. Characters of the future demonstrate the power of political unity. An entertaining and approachable read welcomes students and adults alike.

There is a path to less government and stronger social outcomes through intelligent investment. Democrats and Republicans can continue to wage political wars, or we can work in America's best interests. While a candidate's policy ideas may depart from these pages, some things are certain. Americans want...

  • a fresh and unique political perspective;
  • to combat the influence of money, power, and the establishment agenda in politics;
  • a uniting message that can bring all political biases together;
  • true representation for "We the People."

Kevin is on a mission and hopes to inspire you. Dedicated to America's youth, America Together in 2024 is Kevin's manifesto for change. He hopes you will join him.

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A relentless search to answer a simple financial question - why people tend to struggle with money regardless of income - led Kevin to write this book about a cultural revolution and a new political order.

His professional accomplishments as a financial advisor are outstanding. He holds the Certified Financial Planner and Charted Financial Analyst designations, the most respected credentials of the financial planning and investment management industry. The Financial Times has named him a Top Financial Advisor for his contributions to supporting employer-sponsored retirement programs such as the 401(k). In that role, Kevin has met with thousands of employees one-on-one and has learned much about America's everyday concerns and people's hopes for America.

Kevin's personal life fuels his passion for change. He was adopted at birth, his spouse experienced homelessness and the foster system, and their two daughters were adopted from similar circumstances. It is clear he is on a mission. He believes neglected children and those with poor adult examples are set up to repeat the cycle of poverty, leaving a growing population who feel unrepresented by "We the People."

Kevin's goal is for his diverse perspectives to reorient the reader's mind toward political progress.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798218027148
Publisher: America Together Media
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2023
Pages: 82
Language: English