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Counterterrorism and Global Security: Genesis, Responses and Challenges (Paperback)

Counterterrorism and Global Security: Genesis, Responses and Challenges By Stanzin Lhaskyabs (Editor), Shameer Modongal (Editor), Anuradha Oinam (Editor) Cover Image
By Stanzin Lhaskyabs (Editor), Shameer Modongal (Editor), Anuradha Oinam (Editor)
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This book, Counterterrorism and Global Security - Genesis, Responses and Challenges, offers an alternative overview on counterterrorism and global security with critical and engaging essays by young scholars from Asia. Highlighting both conceptual and practical analyses of counterterrorism, the book offers a unique perspective on counterterrorism. Ranging from epistemological understanding to practice, from historical events to contemporary issues of counterterrorism, the book captures terrorism and counterterrorism at an individual, state and international levels. In doing so, this book also highlights the complexities and nuances of counterterrorism at all these levels. The book is categorised logically into three sections: Critical Analysis, Regional Response, and Issues and Challenges.

Critiquing the Western hegemony, particularly the United States of America, on the discourse and practice of counterterrorism, the key emphasis of the book is on rethinking counterterrorism from the Asian perspective. It focuses on the lived experiences of individuals and states in Asia thereby making Asian counterterrorism efforts much more worthy to be understood and appreciated. However, the book is not about glorifying Asian counterterrorism measures as it discusses their shortcomings as well. This is done by addressing the issue with both traditional and non-traditional theories of International Relations. In addition, the book also comprises theories from other disciplines such as sociology and philosophy. This book will be of much interest to students of politics, terrorism, security, human rights, and International Relations in general.

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Publication Date: October 1st, 2021
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