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Aye-Aye Gets Lucky (Hardcover)

Aye-Aye Gets Lucky By Terri Tatchell, Sulima Ivan (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Terri Tatchell, Sulima Ivan (Illustrator)
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Aye-Aye doesn't mean to be naughty. He can't help himself. Or can he?

Aye-Aye is an endangered lemur who loves pulling pranks on the villagers of Madagascar. He loves it when they squeal, but mostly he loves it when they huck their yummy meals at him.

Until one day, they decide enough is enough and ban him from the village Poor Aye-Aye is lonely and hungry and desperate to find a way to win back their hearts and clear his name. But how can he when he doesn't understand where he went wrong?

Luckily, a friendly flying fox swoops in to teach Aye-Aye a lesson and helps him to understand how his trickster ways made the people feel. Can Aye-Aye find a way to prove to the villagers that he's changed? Will they give him a second chance? Will you?

On the surface, "Aye-Aye Gets Lucky" is about a misunderstood lemur finding a way to win love, but look deeper, and it's a story about empathy, self-acceptance, community, and second chances.

Kids love the fact-filled spread at the end of the story where they can learn about the aye-aye and flying fox, ways to help endangered animals, and even how to draw them

Endangered & Misunderstood is an ongoing series of children's picture books that takes a different approach to the serious subject of lesser-known endangered animals, with an emphasis on laughter, adventure, and themes everyone can relate to.

Buy "Aye-Aye Gets Lucky" to help this endangered lemur turn his luck around. All proceeds go towards the protection and conservation of endangered lemurs, just like Aye-Aye.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781999102234
ISBN-10: 1999102231
Publisher: Fielding House Press Ltd.
Publication Date: September 1st, 2019
Pages: 32
Language: English