A Practical Guide to Awareness: Discovering Your True Purpose (Paperback)

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If you are looking for answers to life's questions about being happy, fulfilled-- read on. This book is a step by step guide to finding fulfillment through self-awareness. In depth exercises and interactive questions and answer help uncover your unique gift and purpose in life. A story illustrates the principles about a woman who, having known unconditional love by birthright and through a lifelong spiritual community, fulfills her destiny even in the face of doubts, tribulation, death and through the unspoken bond with one who has gone before her.

About the Author

Susan began exploring self awareness in the early 1980's as a result of reading Brian Weiss, M.D.'s book, "Many Lives Many Masters," and attending his workshops. After moving to Atlanta as a member of the Georgia Lottery start-up team, her self-actualization quest included studying many spiritual practices, a favorite being the Self Realization Fellowship and its Founder, Paramahansa Yogananda. A veteran public relations and internet marketing professional over a highly substantive 30 year career, Susan traveled around the world seeking answers and receiving creative motivation through the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writing and founder Julia McCutchen. This led to attending a retreat in Glastonbury, UK in May of 2015, where the words of this book flowed forth in a torrent of inspiration. Becoming aligned with a creative consciousness provided the impetus to write and complete this book, it's companion workbook, "Putting Awareness Into Practice" and begin a poetry blog which is accompanied by her Florida nature photography. Susan resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Her favorite pastimes are golfing, writing, reading and nature photography. To find out more visit: http: //snefzgerpr.wordpress.com.
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ISBN: 9781983603396
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Publication Date: January 17th, 2018
Pages: 116
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