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Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars (Paperback)

Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars By N'Tyse, Untamed Cover Image
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Profoundly moving and nostalgic, Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars is a searing exploration of soul ties, love scars, second-chance romance, and the healing power of forgiveness. Inspired by real events, Soldiers is soul-stirring and perfect for fans of Seven Days in June and Before I Let Go.

Liberty Mae Banks was her birth name, yet Zion called her Mrs. Forever . . .

It took years and fistfuls of tears for Liberty to convince herself that Zion Malik Mitchell had been a figment of her imagination. She’d suppressed every memory to lessen the burn—and because it’s the proper thing to do once you’ve become another man’s wife. Now the mother, wife, and #SoldiersofLove relationship columnist for Love & Lifestyle magazine finds herself in a heartfelt tug of war when her childhood sweetheart, Zion, resurfaces.

For Zion, Liberty had always been his peace and the one who got away. He needed her more than he was ever willing to admit, and while it’s often said that time heals all wounds, all time had done for Zion was rob him of a future with the love of his life. When tragedy strikes, Zion’s freedom is left hanging in the balance as he awaits sentencing. Plagued with guilt and fear, there’s only one person he trusts to help him through his most arduous battle ever—Liberty.

Will Liberty sacrifice her picture-perfect life and rush to Zion’s side in hopes of healing and setting them both free, or will resurrecting their war-torn past open a Pandora’s box neither will be able to close?

“Sublime and roiling with emotion, childhood sweethearts reconnect, only to be tested by their past, present, and future. If Beale Street Could Talk meets Love Jones in this cinematically written romantic drama.” —Arthur Muhammad, Director of BET+ Original Bid For Love

About the Author

N’TYSE: A wife and mother of two, Dallas, Texas native, N’Tyse, currently juggles her creative endeavors as a novelist, screenwriter, and film producer. A former personal banker for over 12 years, the multihyphenate enlaces her visceral storytelling between American female-centric dramas and crime thrillers. Her literary works have been highlighted in Library Journal, Black Expressions, USA Today, and Dallas Morning News. N’Tyse received her B.A. from Arizona State University with a multicultural, interdisciplinary concentration in Creative Writing and Film/Media Studies. Her first independently produced book-to-film feature Gutta Mamis streams on Tubi, Peacock, etc.— while her co-written romantic drama Bid For Love airs as an original television film on the BET network. “Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars” is the author’s most intimate and liberating novel to date. She can be found on IG using @ntysethecreator.

UNTAMED: Literary phenom, Untamed, brings enlightenment and amusement through real-life, everyday stories with resonating characters. As a Cum Laude graduate with a B.A. from UMUC and a certification from eCornell University in Women’s Entrepreneurship, she attributes her passion for the literary arts to her expansive educational background. Her creative talents afforded her opportunities with SWAG Magazine and Intellectual Ink Magazine as a columnist and with Boss Magnet Media as a screenwriter and producer. She’s an expert movie quoter with a hankering for all things 90s. Untamed resides in Georgia and relishes family time with her husband of over twenty years and their children. She continues to push the creative envelope, delivering content that is unapologetically real and candidly untamed. Please visit her online at

Praise For…


“Blown away! The authors skillfully weave an emotionally resonant story of true and timeless love.” —Joseph Guidry, award-winning Director of HBO Max’s The Big Brunch

"Captivating and suspenseful, this page-turner explores the fragility of trust in a marriage and the battle of true love. A compelling tale that delves into the struggles faced by couples and the true essence of marriage." —Anna Black, national bestselling author of Now You Wanna Come Back

"Riveting page-turner with a twisted and satisfying ending. I couldn't put it down!" —Shakir Rashaan, national bestselling author of Neverwraith

"N’Tyse and Untamed have penned a sizzling and explosive masterpiece. A love story like no other, this tantalizing romance will have you begging for more.” —Erick S. Gray, national bestselling author and screenwriter of No Better Love

"Soldiers of Love: Beautiful Scars takes you on a tumultuous journey of love's complexities where childhood sweethearts reunite and face raw emotions in affairs of the heart. N'Tyse and Untamed have created a tour de force in this heartrending romantic drama that will leave a lasting impression on readers."  —Julia Press Simmons, Editor of Intellectual Ink Magazine
“Sublime and roiling with emotion, childhood sweethearts reconnect, only to be tested by their past, present, and future. If Beale Street Could Talk meets Love Jones in this cinematically written romantic drama.” —Arthur Muhammad, Director of BET+ Original Bid For Love

Product Details
ISBN: 9781957950075
ISBN-10: 1957950072
Publisher: Black Odyssey Media
Publication Date: June 27th, 2023
Pages: 304
Language: English