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How To Analyze People: A Practical Guide To Analyzing Body Language, Speed Reading People, And Increasing Emotional Intelligence & Protecting (Paperback)

How To Analyze People: A Practical Guide To Analyzing Body Language, Speed Reading People, And Increasing Emotional Intelligence & Protecting By Life Fulfilment Academy Cover Image
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If You've ALWAYS Wanted To Truly Understand Human Behavior And Speed Read People Effortlessly Then Keep Reading...

Do you want to truly analyze people's behavior and body language? Do you want to emit confidence, positivity and authority with your own body language? Do you want to decode people's behaviors and protect yourself from deception and manipulation?

Did you know Non-Verbal communication makes up OVER 50% of personal communication, it's clear that it is VERY important.

And, often at school and by our parents we are taught how to speak, taught manners and if we're lucky about tone of voice and projecting our voice.

But, we are rarely ever taught about body language or how to analyze people, and that's where this book can help you.

Not only does body language influence what your family, friends, boss and work colleagues think of you, everyone you interact with will be sending you messages about their behaviors, intentions and motivations with their own body language. Put simply, being able to Speed Read and analyze people is like a superpower.

Oh, and I've written this book in the MOST practical manner possible, to help you apply the teachings in your own life INSTANTLY What's the point of reading a book if you don't apply the teachings right?

Anyways, here's a slither of what you'll discover inside...

  • Exactly Why The Face Doesn't Always Reveal People's TRUE Feelings And Intentions
  • 7 Simple Non-Verbal's That Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs Use To Establish Trust And Authority In ANY Interaction
  • The Surprising Truth About What Eyelids, Thumbs And Feet Can Reveal About People's True Motives...
  • The EXACT Psychology Behind Effortlessly Reading People In ANY Situation (This Is Literally A Superpower)
  • 5 Must Know Ways To Sense Someone Is Straight Out Lying To Your Face
  • 1 Simple, Yet Wildly Effective, Trick You Can Use Today For Emitting Confidence In Your Interactions (Even If You Have ZERO Confidence)
  • Why More People Are Using Proper Body Language In ALL Areas Of Life Than EVER Before....You Don't Want To Be Left Behind
  • Why These Exact Verbal Expressions Carry Incredible Amounts Of Weight, And How You ALWAYS Miss Them
  • The WORST 3 Things You Are Misinterpreting When Trying To Speed Read People That Could Be Confusing You MASSIVELY

And, that is barely scratching the surface

The issue with a lot of so called Body Language and How To Analyze People 'books' is that they don't ever get to the important parts of actually helping you apply these teachings in your own life in 2 ways.

  1. How you can start effortlessly reading people and uncovering people's true intentions and desires, whether they are really telling the truth and being authentic or whether they aren't.
  2. To revolutionize your own body language to help you portray yourself in a way that emits confidence, happiness and authority.

And, that's why this book was made, to correct those mistakes.

So, If You Want To Become a Master Of Analyzing People and Revolutionize Your Own Non-Verbal Communication Scroll Up And Click "Add To Cart."

Product Details
ISBN: 9781914108334
ISBN-10: 1914108337
Publisher: Nathan Houghton
Publication Date: November 13th, 2020
Pages: 134
Language: English