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Satipatthana Meditation: A Practice Guide (Paperback)

Satipatthana Meditation: A Practice Guide Cover Image
By Analayo
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From the Buddhist meditator and scholar, Bhikkhu Anālayo, this is a thorough-going guide to the early Buddhist teachings on Satipatthana, the foundations of mindfulness, following on from his two best-selling books, Satipatthana: The Direct Path to Realization and Perspectives on Satipatthana. With mindfulness being so widely taught, there is a need for a clear-sighted and experience-based guide. Analayo provides it.

About the Author

Anālayo is a professor of Buddhist Studies at the Sri Lanka International Academy in Pallekele. He teaches at the Center for Buddhist Studies of the University of Hamburg and researches at the Dharma Drum Buddhist College in Taiwan. His works include Satipatthāna: The Direct Path to Realization (2003), Perspectives on Satipatthāna (2014), Compassion and Emptiness in Early Buddhist Meditation (2015), Mindfully Facing Disease and Death (2016), and A Meditator's Life of the Buddha (2017).

Product Details
ISBN: 9781911407102
ISBN-10: 1911407104
Publisher: Windhorse Publications (UK)
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2018
Pages: 256
Language: English