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The Kindness Bucket List for Kids: The Fun Way to Teach and Encourage Kids to Be Kind to Others (Paperback)

The Kindness Bucket List for Kids: The Fun Way to Teach and Encourage Kids to Be Kind to Others By Elisabeth J. Greenwood Cover Image
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Being Kind Makes Kids Feel Good
Every parent knows that teaching kindness to their children is valuable. Research says teaching kindness has a positive influence on a range of academic, health, and social outcomes for kids.It shows that when kindness is taught in school, children experience a greater motivation to learn, increased self-esteem and no more bullying and violence.Furthermore, kids who engage in acts of kindness are more easily accepted by their peers. The good deeds of these kids help them develop positive perceptions of their world and improve their well-being.
When kindness in your child gets encouraged, he will feel better not only about about himself but also the world he lives in. Teaching a child to be kind not only will lift up your child and the others around him, it will help him grow to be a loving, confident and happy person.

Ways Parents Can Encourage Kindness in Kids
Of course, your child's acts of kindness may not be able to be all that 'spontaneous' since they'll most likely need some encouragement and assistance from you. That's why we have created this Kindness Bucket List workbook and journal. It is set up in such a way to encourage kids to perform acts of kindness and teach them how to be generous, compassionate, and giving.
The workbook contains 150 examples of kindness with lots of variety to get them inspired and start their own small or bigger projects. The journal then also contains bucket list pages where your child can write down everything about their kindness project and their successes. It contains questions such as: Why I want to do this? What is needed to make this happen? And after completing their kindness project: How did it make me feel? What did I learn? There is plenty of room to write down their story in detail if desired; It also includes space to insert photos, drawings, tickets etc.
This Kindness Bucket List Journal for Kids also acts as a keepsake to record their notes and thoughts that they can look back on for years to come. It's a perfect gift for your children, yourself or friends.

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