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Here, at the end. (Paperback)

Here, at the end. By Alice Teeter Cover Image
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Alice Teeter's Book of Revelations is gentle and brutal, devoid of the supernatural and full of nature. Her poetry gives us a recipe, a warning, a hint at what is to come. Somehow she scares us and reassures us at the same time.

- Franklin Abbott, poet and psychotherapist

Alice Teeter combines both tremendous ambition and wonderful skill in her deft, notational, imagistic, and riveting long poem. Here, at the end takes readers on a journey they might not have thought of taking. This is a poem Basho might have written if he travelled through the world of Mad Max instead of over the Japanese mountains. So there's no Zen here. There's no peace. The coffee isn't fresh. The luggage is zipped up and crammed. The car lacks air conditioning. But it doesn't matter. Alice Teeter is driving and driving and the reader has his seatbelt on and can't believe what he sees.

- Mike James, author of Portable Light

All my life long I've wondered what the end would be like. Now, thanks to Alice Teeter, I know. Thanks a lot, Alice

- Lewis Turco, author of The Book of Forms

I want to begin with a confession. At first I was disinclined to like these poems. I have become quite curmudgeonly in my old age, and I am increasingly impatient with much of free verse. However, I do like these poems very much. I have read them over a number of times, and I find that they have grown on me...I have always admired your strong sense of detail...I enjoy the poems] immensely.

- Brian McAllister, Professor of English, Albany State University

As someone who is convinced that the earth is about done with humans, I resonate with Alice Teeter's poetic elegy and farewell.

- Elise Witt, Songwriter, Musician, Poet, Gardener

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ISBN: 9781665306140
ISBN-10: 1665306149
Publisher: Booklogix
Publication Date: March 20th, 2023
Pages: 32
Language: English