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Human Anatomy for Kids: A Junior Scientist's Guide to How We Move, Breathe, and Grow (Junior Scientists) (Paperback)

Human Anatomy for Kids: A Junior Scientist's Guide to How We Move, Breathe, and Grow (Junior Scientists) By Kristie Wagner Cover Image
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Learn what makes our bodies move with the Junior Scientists series for kids ages 6 to 9

Are you curious about what your body looks like under your skin? Do you wonder where your food goes after you eat it? Check out what's happening inside your body with this kid's anatomy book. You'll take a tour of your tissues, organs, muscles, and bones, and find out how they work together to help you move, think, and grow.

Explore a kid's anatomy book that includes:
  • Detailed visual guides—Colorful pictures and diagrams show you the names of all your body parts, how your body fights off germs, how snacks become energy, and more.
  • Fun facts—This kid's anatomy book is packed full of fascinating tidbits, like why your body grows hair and what causes freckles.
  • Anatomy in action—Try hands-on activities like pulling the DNA out of strawberries!

Discover how your body works with Human Anatomy for Kids.

About the Author

KRISTIE WAGNER is a science teacher with a Master of Science degree in ecological teaching and learning. She has designed curriculums exploring physical science, biology, anatomy and physiology, and environmental science. Kristie currently works on a climate change education team creating content used by the North American Association for Environmental Education.

Praise For…

Human Anatomy for Kids is a very detailed book with helpful illustrations that make it fun and easy for kids to learn basic human anatomy down to the cellular level.” —Kolten Kline, master of science in occupational therapy student

Human Anatomy for Kids is the perfect guide for your child's first steps into the world of anatomy and physiology. Kristie Wagner, with 12 years of work in her field of science, has masterfully navigated the subject with wonderful graphics to engage the mind; exceptional experiments for fun hands-on activities; and absolutely terrific, easy-to-digest facts to keep any child hungry for learning. This book does a splendid job of compacting a topic with immense depth into something so manageable for the beginning mind” —Evan Wiseman, registered diagnostic medical sonographer

“I’ve been teaching anatomy and physiology at the college level for more than a decade. Kristie’s book can build a great foundation for kids and build interest in learning more about the human body. She makes complicated topics simple—and fun!” —Dr. Rich Dhyanchand, professor at University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Product Details
ISBN: 9781648768637
ISBN-10: 1648768636
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: May 25th, 2021
Pages: 80
Language: English
Series: Junior Scientists