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Soul Weave (Paperback)

Soul Weave By A. Nybo Cover Image
By A. Nybo
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Treachery is afoot among the wizards of Tangia. The wizard king bids his northern champion, Aquilon Tenista, to seek and destroy those responsible for the theft of the wizards’ mindseers. To shield his own mindseer from the thief, Aquilon needs a bag woven of thread spun from his soul in which his can hide. He solicits the aid of Lucien, a clan witch, to weave the bag.

A low-caste widower, Lucien is betrothed to his clan’s war leader. The only way he can delay the arranged marriage long enough to affect his escape is to accept Aquilon’s commission and join his quest.

Watching the alluring spell weaver interact with the fiber of his soul is pure torment for Aquilon. As the attraction between the two men grows, they discover a sinister presence within the magic cloth. Threads of the enemy’s deception must be severed if they are to have any hope of preventing war and saving their people.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781644056455
ISBN-10: 1644056453
Publisher: DSP Publications LLC
Publication Date: February 11th, 2020
Pages: 326
Language: English