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Alkaline Diet: Dr Sebi's Approved Recipes and Cookbook for Reversing Diseases (Paperback)

Alkaline Diet: Dr Sebi's Approved Recipes and Cookbook for Reversing Diseases By Nancy Leyminus Cover Image
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Do you want to learn more on foods, herbs, juice and smoothie recipes necessary to cure diabetes, high blood pressure and detox your organs through Dr. Sebi alkaline diet?

The motivation behind the Dr. Sebi diet originates from native Honduran, Dr. Sebi (real name Alfredo Darrington Bowman), who is acknowledged as a natural healer, herbalist, and intracellular therapist.

The methodology of Dr. Sebi is quite interesting and involves focusing on natural, alkaline, plant-based foods and herbs while steering clear of acidic and hybrid foods that may damage the cell. By following a strategy of Alfredo Bowman (aka Dr. Sebi), you can prevent mucus build-up, which can result in the introduction of diseases.

Sticking with the Dr. Sebi long-term diet isn't that hard when you can see through the first couple of days.

The starting days could be challenging though as you will yet crave sugar.

It doesn't help that there exist numerous fast food choices everywhere and that a lot of restaurants don't have menu items that fit this lifestyle.

Dr. Sebi was a Honduran man with a very humble beginning and was known and addressed as an herbalist, pathologist or a naturalist in different regions of the world; he left the biosphere in 2016, his self-invented and established effective traditional therapy for diabetes, hypertension and organ cleansing is still helping millions of people with these conditions around the world.

For optimal health, it is vital that people eat only non-hybridized organically grown food product. Conventional or commercial produce is grown with pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and other chemicals that are toxic and bad for your body.

He created great strides in the world of natural health and wellness with the creation of his specialized diet. Dr. Sebi said that there were six fundamental food groups: live, raw, dead, hybrid, genetically modified, and drugs, but his diet basically cut out all the food groups except live and raw food, thereby encouraging dieters to eat as closely to a raw vegan diet as possible. These foods include foods like naturally grown fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains. He has the believed that raw and live foods were "electric," which fought the acidic food waste in the body. So, with his approach to eating, Dr. Sebi established a list of foods that he deliberated to be the best for his diet.

This book is written so as to give you all of the information you need to eat right and the type of fruits, food, herbs, juice and smoothie recipes, etc to eat to live healthy.

Dr. Sebi recipes: Its no secret that ingesting healthy can boost your brain and body.

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