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The Muscle Ladder: Get Jacked Using Science (Hardcover)

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The Muscle Ladder: Get Jacked Using Science is the best all-in-one science-based guide for building a strong and muscular physique. Jeff Nippard, professional natural bodybuilder and coach, has developed a clear blueprint for anyone at any level to achieve their fitness goals. Having architected tens of thousands of programs for athletes and gym-goers, Jeff possesses a mastery of the scientific mechanisms that will help you unlock your hypertrophic potential.

Jeff’s 12 ladder-style fundamentals are specifically designed so that you can work your way up confidently. Using a “rail” and “rung” format to define each fundamental, his model explains where to start, how to follow through, how each rung and side are connected, and how to apply each principle to your unique lifting goals. The Muscle Ladder is a cut above the rest as it explains not only the how, but also the why behind each fundamental.
In addition to accessible yet comprehensive explanations, The Muscle Ladder provides sample training programs, a full section on techniques with corresponding visuals, along with a bonus chapter on nutrition and supplementation.

After reading The Muscle Ladder, you will:
   • Understand the 12 fundamentals of building muscle and the science supporting them
   • Know how to prioritize the fundamentals based on your individual goals
   • Recognize how the fundamentals are interconnected
   • Be able to plug each principle into your own training regimen to unlock your potential for muscle growth and strength
   • Understand how to organize and optimize training routines
   • Be able to identify and troubleshoot common mistakes
   • Have a resource you can return to for instructions on technique, programming, and fundamental fitness questions, from beginner to advanced

About the Author

Jeff Nippard is a professional natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, and coach. He is a former Canadian National champion in natural bodybuilding and, as a competitive powerlifter, once held the Canadian national record for the bench press.
Jeff holds a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry and applies his scientific knowledge to the principles he puts forth in training and coaching. His education and experience have placed him at the forefront in the development of cutting-edge fitness programs, and he is widely recognized as a thought-leader in the bodybuilding community.
Jeff’s informative and entertaining YouTube channel has amassed a loyal fan base of millions of subscribers who are passionate about building muscle, losing fat, and getting healthier. He is ranked in the top 120 YouTube channels across Canada.
Jeff lives in Ontario, Canada, where he produces his YouTube videos and podcasts.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781628604863
ISBN-10: 1628604867
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Publication Date: January 15th, 2030
Pages: 432
Language: English