The Rainforest Grew All Around (Prebound)

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Imaginations will soar from the forest floor, up through the canopy and back down again, following the circle of life. The jungle comes alive as children learn about the creatures lurking in the lush Amazon rainforest in this clever adaptation of the song "The Green Grass Grew All Around." All Sylvan Dell titles feature free educational resources at, including the "For Creative Minds" Sections and additional teaching activities. The "For Creative Minds" sections features the following activities: Animal Sidebar Fun Facts: Jaguars, Emerald tree boas, Leafcutter ants, Sloths, Poison dart frogs, Toucans, Bats, Plant Sidebar Fun Facts: Kapok trees Liana vines Bromeliads, Rainforest Animal Adaptations matching activity, Plant Adaptations and Seed Dispersal matching activity, What comes from the rainforest?, Rainforest cookie recipe.

2008 IRA Teachers' Choices Award

Learning Magazine's 2008 Teachers' Choice Award

2007 NAPPA Honors

2008 Moms' Choice.

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ISBN: 9781613830642
ISBN-10: 1613830645
Publisher: Perfection Learning
Publication Date: April 1st, 2007
Pages: 30
Language: English