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No One Is Illegal (Updated Edition): Fighting Racism and State Violence on the U.S.-Mexico Border (Paperback)

No One Is Illegal (Updated Edition): Fighting Racism and State Violence on the U.S.-Mexico Border Cover Image
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Countering the chorus of anti-immigrant voices that have grown increasingly loud in the current political moment, No One is Illegal exposes the racism of anti-immigration vigilantes and puts a human face on the immigrants who risk their lives to cross the border to work in the United States.

This second edition has a new introduction to frame the analysis of the struggle for immigrant rights and the roots of the backlash.

Justin Akers Chac n is the author of the forthcoming Radicals in the Barrio: Magonistas, Socialists, Wobblies, and Communists in the Mexican American Working Class.

Mike Davis is the author many books, including The Ecology of Fear and Planet of Slums.

p class="p1">Contents Preface to the 2018 Edition: Trump and the Failure of Neoliberal Immigration Reform vii Preface xix Part I: "What Is a Vigilante Man?" White Violence in Calfornia History Mike Davis Introduction 3 1. Pinkertons, Klansmen, and Vigilantes 7 2. White Savages 13 3. Yellow Peril 19 4. "Swat a Jap" 25 5. The Anti-Filipino Riots 31 6. The IWW versus the KKK 35 7. I n Dubious Battle 45 8. Thank the Vigilantes 51 9. The Zoot Suit Wars 63 10. Beating the UFW 69 11. The Last Vigilantes 75 Part II: Mexico: Caught in the Web of U.S. Empire Justin Akers Chac n Introduction 81 12. Conquest Sets the Stage 91 13. Neoliberalism Consumes the "Mexican Miracle" 101 14. From the Maquiladoras to NAFTA: Profiting from Borders 107 Part III: Mexican Workers: The "Other" American Working Class 15. Mexican Workers to the Rescue 117 16. Segregated Workers: Class Struggle in the Fields 123 17. The Bracero Program: A Twentieth-Century Caste System 131 18. Poverty in the Fields: Legacy of the Bracero Program 141 19. Immigrant Workers Continue to Build America 147 Part IV: The War on Immigrants 20. Immigration Policy as a Means to Control Labor 165 21. The Race and Class Construction of Immigration Restrictions 173 22. Constructing the "Illegal" Mexican Worker: Racism and Mexican Labor 183 23. Immigration Double Standards 189 24. Militarizing the Border: Death Warrant for Migrant Workers 193 25. Inventing an Invisible Enemy: September 11 and the War on Immigrants 207 26. The Bipartisan Segregationists of Labor 219 27. The Right Wing Calls the Shots 229 28. Terrorists on the Border: The Minutemen Stalk Their Prey 241 Part V: Queremos un Mundo Sin Fronteras 29. Human Rights Activists Confront the Far Right 253 30. Unions and Immigrant Workers 259 31. Making Borders History 269 32. A New Civil Rights Movement 279 33. Mass Mobilization Defeats Sensenbrenner-King (HR 4437) 287 34. State Repression of Immigrant Workers 293 35. The Immigrant Rights Movement at the Polls 305 36. The Arizona Laboratory and SB 1070 319 37. S . 744: The Degeneration of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" 329 38. Immigrant Rights at a Crossroads 341 Notes 359 Index 404
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ISBN: 9781608468492
ISBN-10: 1608468496
Publisher: Haymarket Books
Publication Date: May 15th, 2018
Pages: 448
Language: English