Moments of Excess: Movements, Protest and Everyday Life (Paperback)

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Examining the complicated and sometimes controversial history, goals, and tactics of anticapitalist movements, this compilation focuses on the meaning of the movement as a whole and examines the protests that surrounded global trade and political conferences such as the 1999 World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle and the ongoing G8 summits around the world. The collection offers a broad vision of anticapitalist activism as well as strategies for instigating change, not only for the individual, but also for the collective. Featuring popular culture references, humor, poetry, and essays, this analysis of the counter-summit movement is ideal for those wanting to explore new possibilities for mobilization in the midst of crisis.

About the Author

The Free Association is a political activism affinity group based in Leeds, England, whose members include Alex Dennis, David Harvie, Nate Holdren, Nette Humphreys, Keir Milburn, and David Watts.

Praise For…

"In addition to being an important tool, Moments of Excess is a fun read, using popular culture, poetry and humor to make points and speak directly to the reader. Reading this book, I felt like a part of a conversation, a conversation that I didn’t want to end." Marina Sitrin, editor, Horizontalism and Insurgent Democracies

"Reading this collection you are reminded that there is so much life at the front-line, and that there is no alternative to capitalism without living this life to the full. The message is clear: enjoy the struggle, participate in it with your creative energies, be flexible and self-critical of your approach, throw away static ideologies, and reach out to the other." Massimo De Angelis, author, The Beginning of History

"Wonderful. Fabulous. The Free Association's work have been writing some of the most stimulating reflections on the constantly shifting movement against capitalismalways fresh, always engaging, always pushing us beyond where we were. . . . Exciting stuff." John Holloway, author, Change the World Without Taking Power and Crack Capitalism

"I recommend this as the ideal book for any activist seeking to get back in touch with 'the big picture' and tool up intellectually for the showdown with neoliberalism. A great holiday read. Seriously!" Peace News (September 2011)

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ISBN: 9781604861136
ISBN-10: 1604861134
Publisher: PM Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2011
Pages: 134
Language: English