Homesteading in the 21st Century: How One Family Created a More Sustainable, Self-Sufficient, and Satisfying Life (Paperback)

Homesteading in the 21st Century: How One Family Created a More Sustainable, Self-Sufficient, and Satisfying Life Cover Image
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Not since Thoreau made his home in the woods at Walden Pond has the notion of self-sufficiency held more universal appeal. There's no question we're going through some tough economic times, but this book offers an alternative. It's a guide for anyone who imagines a better life--from struggling families tired of energy dependency to dreamers who always wished they could live off the land someday. This ultimate DIY guide holds to the premise that anyone can homestead, and raise at least a portion of their food themselves--even if they live in the city. Homesteading in the 21st Century is absolutely brimming with ideas on how to take control of your life by degrees--whether that means keeping chickens, growing a garden, or brewing your own beer.

About the Author

George Nash has been living a self-reliant life for almost 40 years. Author of the perennial favorite "Renovating Old Houses" (and "Wooden Fences"), seller of Christmas trees in Manhattan for the last 35 years, former builder and renovator, and homesteader at "Gopher Broke Farm," George is truly a jack-of-all trades. Jane Waterman was raised on a New Hampshire dairy farm and learned gardening and animal husbandry from an early age. After many years as a midwife and later a doctor, Jane now lives full-time on the homestead with husband George and their oldest daughter, son-in-law, and two of their nine grandchildren raising their own vegetables, berries, eggs, meat, and fuel. Together, George and Jane are actively restoring the overgrown and neglected pastures, cleaning up the woodlot, rehabilitating apple trees, and producing pastured poultry and pork for local markets. Jane also teaches anatomy and physiology and nutrition courses to nursing students at the local community college.

Praise For…

This thorough and readable volume will prepare you for living with fowl, working soil the old fashioned way, and successfully growing berry and orchard crops. Unlike some of the competing homesteading books, this is not a political screed or a master’s thesis. George and Jane tell you how to grow it, prepare it and perserve it. They are back-to-the-landers so expect to learn lots of low-tech tips for getting good results in the garden without investing in a lot of newfangled gadgets and such. --The Vancouver Sun

Homesteading in the 21st Century tells the story of a couple who cut their teeth of self-sufficiency in the 1970s on the "Whole Earth Catalog." After growing Christmas trees (George) and becoming a doctor (Jane), moving to sunbelt states and then back East, the couple now live on a Vermont homestead and raise vegetables, berries, eggs, meat and fuel...Whether planting an organic garden, designing a workable kitchen and mudroom or caring for chickens, the couple keep a sense of humor and perspective that serves the reader well in grasping the time, skill, labor and resolve it takes to live life off the grid. --The Seattle Times

Homesteading is hot stuff these days, but it's frustrating. Many how-to manuals seem to be written by relative newbies who are glamorously photographed tending chickens and harvesting vegetables on their spotless new farms. It's refreshing, then, to read Homesteading in the 21st Century (Taunton Press, $24.95), cowritten by George Nash and Jane Waterman, whose photos reveal them to be unadorned, middle-aged folks doing real work...If you're serious about self-sufficiency, to any degree, this book is a valuable resource. –The Philadelphia Inquirer

Written with humour and experience, the husband and wife team penned a primer on country living that communicates their love for homesteading without whitewashing the hard times. That the two persevered speaks volumes about their tenacity. The self-proclaimed hippies individually made it to the promised land of Vermont in the 1970s and started their self-sufficient lifestyles. They eventually met, married and increased a blended family of three kids to four. They’ve left the land several times but have always returned home. The book is divided into three sections: The Homestead, Garden & Orchard, and Animals. Extremely practical, anyone who yearns to ditch city life and move to the country must read this book before listing their house. The rose-coloured glasses the authors first wore may be gone, but the love for each other and the land remains. –Toronto Star

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