The Boundaries of Her Body: The Troubling History of Women's Rights in America (Paperback)

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Whatever your political beliefs, if you are a woman, you must know what the law says about you.

The Boundaries of Her Body is the definitive history of the cycle of advances and setbacks that characterizes women's rights in America. Author Debran Rowland covers emotionally charged issues with thoughtful detail, offering insight into the strategies used by politicians and lobbyists to defeat long-standing law.

The defeat for women's rights is an emotional and often polarized debate: A debate over what a woman is
What a woman ought to be
And what a woman should, therefore, be allowed to do

Today, the future of women's rights is in jeopardy.

""If I had to guess at the future for women, I would say we stand to lose many more significant battles--and the rights that go with them--if we don't begin to abandon the niceties of a comfortable life with educated opinions and start waging the kind of aggressive, no-holds-barred guerrilla war that our opponents have been riding to victory.""
--from the Epilogue to The Boundaries of Her Body

Rowland combines provocative arguments with exhaustive research and affirms that, in spite of advancements, the boundaries of women's bodies will continue to be a source of bitter contention in the law.

""Debran Rowland brilliantly argues the continuing inequality of women's rights in America with the most meticulous and comprehensive research in our times.""
--Betty Friedan author of The Feminine Mystique.

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