The Boundaries of Her Body: A Legal History of Women's Rights in America (Hardcover)

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Through detailed insight and the use of many actual court cases, The Boundaries of Her Body reveals the realities of the biology of a woman and how it has controlled her legal rights. Reproductive and abortion rights, privacy issues, medical advances and bodily integrity are not the only topics that are tackled. Property ownership, domestic abuse, and employment discrimination are also addressed and dismantled with legislative evidence to help the reader understand her rights and how they have progressed (or regressed).

While women have come a long way and the strides they have made seem clear, Debran Rowland first explains a more obscure form of discrimination and analyzes the recent developments in reproductive law and the rights of women today. She makes those connections between the law and the societal position that women hold on a front that is the most prominent, and yet rarely discussed -- the biological one.

Finally, Ms. Rowland draws political conclusions between the law she explains and the position of women. These political conclusions discuss the future steps women can take to strengthen their positions, as well as powerfully forecast lawmakers' use of a woman's biology against her by narrowing, broadening, dulling and sharpening the rights of women beyond the point of confusion.

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ISBN: 9781572482340
Publisher: Sphinx Publishing
Publication Date: March 1st, 2003
Pages: 608