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Juvenile Delinquency in a Diverse Society (Paperback)

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Juvenile Delinquency in a Diverse Society, Second Edition presents students with a fresh, critical examination of juvenile delinquency in the context of real communities and social policies--integrating many social factors that shape juvenile delinquency and its control, including race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality. Authors Kristin A. Bates and Richelle S. Swan use true stories and contemporary examples to link theories of delinquency not just to current public policies, but to existing community programs--encouraging readers to consider how theories of delinquency can be used to create new policies and programs in their own communities. Readers will gain a foundational understanding of the social diversity that contextualizes varying experiences and behavior of juvenile delinquency, as well as a deeper appreciation for the policies, social justice, and community programs that make up the juvenile system.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781506347493
ISBN-10: 1506347495
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
Publication Date: January 24th, 2017
Pages: 512
Language: English