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Python for Data Science: Step-By-Step Crash Course On How to Come Up Easily With Your First Data Science Project From Scratch In Less Than 7 Da (Paperback)

Python for Data Science: Step-By-Step Crash Course On How to Come Up Easily With Your First Data Science Project From Scratch In Less Than 7 Da By Ted Wolf Cover Image
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Are you looking for a Python for Data Science crash course and want to come up easily with your first project from scratch in no time? Are you constantly looking for information on social networks (like FB groups) and you don't know where to start with Python programming? If so, then read on

Python is often used in data science today because it is a mature programming language that has excellent properties for beginning programmers. Some of the most notable of these properties are the easy-to-read password, suppression of optional delimiters, dynamic writing, and the use of dynamic memory.
Data science uses science strategies to process data and separate information from it. It moves away from an idea similar to Big Data and Data Mining. It requires innovative equipment along with useful calculation and programming to deal with data problems or process data to gain substantial learning from them.

The improvement and highly useful research in the world of Computing and Technology have increased the importance of its most basic and essential concepts in a thousand aspects. This notion of principle is what we continuously refer to as data, and that data is the only thing that opens the way for everything in the world.

The world's largest organizations and companies have built their creation and their philosophies and determine a unique portion of their pay through data. The value and importance of data can be understood with the simple certainty that a legitimate data storage/distribution center is a million times more profitable than the pure gold mine in the advanced world.
However, learning all the required skills to master data science and machine learning could certainly be challenging.

BUT DON'T WORRY: In this complete Guide we have condensed all the knowledge you need in a simple and practical way. Through his revolutionary and systematic approach, you will skyrocket your skills, regardless of your previous experience, with the best techniques to manipulate and process datasets, learn in deep the principles of Python programming, and their real-world applications.

In this book you are ready to discover:
- How to move your first steps in the world of "Python". I will explain you, with easy to follow visuals, how to exactly install Python on the Mac OS X, Windows and Linux systems.
- How to easily setting up your first Data Science project from scratch with Python in less than 7 days.
- Practical codes and exercises to use Python. I will explain you the step-by-step process to create games like: "magic 8 ball" and "hangman game".
- How works the regression algorithms used in data science and what are the best tips and tricks to work with them.
- How Scikit-Learn library is used in the development of a machine learning algorithm.
- And much more

Even if you're still a beginner struggling on how to start projects with Python, this book will surely give you the right information to skyrocket your programming skills to the next level.

Keep in mind: "Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody" (H. Ford).

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ISBN: 9781393874003
ISBN-10: 1393874002
Publisher: Ted Wolf
Publication Date: May 13th, 2022
Pages: 92
Language: English