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Bully Busting & Managing Meanies: Tips for Kids on Managing Conflict (Paperback)

Bully Busting & Managing Meanies: Tips for Kids on Managing Conflict By Nadine Briggs, Ryan Flynn (Illustrator), Donna Shea Cover Image
By Nadine Briggs, Ryan Flynn (Illustrator), Donna Shea
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Bully Busting & Managing Meanies is the 4th in the series of workbooks authored by social-emotional learning experts, Donna Shea and Nadine Briggs. The co-authors of the How to Make and Keep Friends book series have more than 30 years of combined experience in social coaching children. Donna and Nadine's books teach children to use their simple, actionable, and proven strategies for increased social success.

Bullying is a serious and complex problem and touches the lives of nearly all children, some as victims of bullying, some as the bullies, and some as the bystanders who do not know how to help. Bullying is difficult to prevent, and children need support in learning how to protect themselves when mean or bullying situations arise. The workbook offers ways for children to become more bully-proof

Using our easy-to-read and interactive guide, kids will learn:

  • The distinct differences between bullying and conflict;
  • How reactions and responses to conflict and meanness matter;
  • Steps on how to build self-confidence and defend themselves;
  • How and when to ask for help from an adult;
  • What to do if they see other kids being mean to someone; and,
  • Our tips on how to get along and make recess more fun.

The full-color, beautifully illustrated workbook also includes questions, quizzes, and scenarios for discussion and practice.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780997280852
ISBN-10: 0997280859
Publisher: Social Success Central, LLC
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2019
Pages: 56
Language: English