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Speak But the Word: From Multiple Personalities to Wholeness (Paperback)

Speak But the Word: From Multiple Personalities to Wholeness By Leilani Claire, Stephen Rich Merriman (Editor) Cover Image
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Speak But the Word... From Multiple Personalities to Wholeness is the heroic, autobiographical account of the healing odyssey of twenty-five personalities, all living within one body, and the journey they followed towards integration-towards wholeness. In the fullness of time, this remarkable achievement resulted in the emergence of a singular, unified person, Leilani Claire, who, as a culminating gift and legacy, went on to write a record of her "post-final-integration" life as a unified, non-clinically dissociating person-an "integrated multiple." Over ten years of painstaking, preparatory work have gone into publication of Speak But the Word. The result is a text that includes numerous full-color paintings and photographs by the author which provide a stunning visual dimension to the healing narrative of the book. Speak But the Word is a compelling, informative and inspiring read both for the lay reader, and for the clinician seeking to gain further insight, understanding and mastery regarding the phenomenology and treatment of dissociative disorders-along with a sense of wonder as to how deeply significant and productive a life healed from trauma can become.

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ISBN: 9780981769868
ISBN-10: 0981769861
Publisher: Four Rivers Press
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2014
Pages: 378
Language: English