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Being Me: Healing your Attachment Wounds and Becoming Whole (Paperback)

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A Psychological Path of Healing and Growth

Being Me begins by using Attachment Theory and Neuroscience to describe what a child needs from their early relationships, to grow into a secure and whole person. It then delves into what can occur, to your sense of self and your experience of relationship, if you didn't get some of these attachment needs met in a "good enough" way. Most importantly, it illuminates a path you can now take as an adult, to heal these psychological wounds and become a person who feels secure, connected, real and whole. Being Me is written simply; with a depth and insight only known by someone who has travelled this path. It provides a way for you to heal when you are feeling disconnected, experiencing emotional difficulties, mental health concerns or problems with relationships. It will be of interest to those wanting to understand themselves more deeply, and for those who yearn to live and love more fully. Parents will get clarity about the psychological needs of their child, while mental health professionals will gain an appreciation for what is required in therapeutic work.


"Being Me" is a wise and comprehensive guide that integrates the theory and the experience of our psychological development and path of healing. Using the analogy of building a house it outlines each stage of emotional and interpersonal development, and the tasks for healing ourselves when our attachment experiences have been less than optimal. Written in a warm and accessible way this book contains inspiration, education and practical advice for healing and personal development. This book is rich in scope and depth and will repay multiple readings providing hope and guidance for the long but worthwhile journey of recovery from emotional wounds and reaching your full potential. Ally Lawrence, MPsych; Clinical Psychologist, Australia

This book was a great read, incorporating scientific evidence and personal experience in a way that was both engaging and educational. I particularly enjoyed the section on emotional balance and regulation. The exercises which were included within each chapter provided a wonderful experiential component. Ms Rachael Williams, MPsych; Clinical Psychologist, Australia

About the Author: Maree B. Even is a Clinical Psychologist in Perth, Western Australia. She works in private practice providing psychotherapy and supervision. For more information please visit

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ISBN: 9780648575306
ISBN-10: 0648575306
Publisher: MBE Psychology Publishing
Publication Date: July 27th, 2019
Pages: 292
Language: English