God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It (Paperback)

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New York Times bestseller God's Politics struck a chord with Americans disenchanted with how the Right had co-opted all talk about integrating religious values into our politics, and with the Left, who were mute on the subject. Jim Wallis argues that America's separation of church and state does not require banishing moral and religious values from the public square. God's Politics offers a vision for how to convert spiritual values into real social change and has started a grassroots movement to hold our political leaders accountable by incorporating our deepest convictions about war, poverty, racism, abortion, capital punishment, and other moral issues into our nation's public life. Who can change the political wind? Only we can.

Praise For…

How far should we go to understand each other’s points of view? Maybe the distance grace covered on the cross.

Jim Wallis is an inspiration to me– for his witness of faith and his engagement with politics.

Jim Wallis is compelling, provocative, and inspirational, with faith that can move mountains and can certainly move people and communities.

Wallis at his usual passionate and brilliant self: he will move you to examine your conscience and search your soul.

Jim Wallis is the major prophetic evangelical Christian voice in the country.

“Wallis provides a refreshing alternative voice to the polarizing rhetoric currently popular.”
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ISBN: 9780060834470
ISBN-10: 0060834471
Publisher: HarperOne
Publication Date: August 29th, 2006
Pages: 432
Language: English
Series: Plus