INSATIABLE APPETITES: An evening with Fiona Zedde

Event date: 
Friday, April 13, 2018 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Join Fiona Zedde on Thursday, February 22nd for the debut of INSATIABLE APPETITES, the 4thinstallment in her How Sweet It Is Series (think “Sex in the City” with lesbians). These hot, Miami gals play hard and love harder, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be queer, wild, and free. INSATIABLE APPETITES is Sage and Phillida’s story.

Every woman has secrets. But Sage never thought the lover she’d shared her life with for years had one big enough to blow their entire world apart.
With one shocking revelation, the pleasures she’d taken for granted—decadent threesomes under the Miami moonlight, lazy afternoons with the woman who knew her best, complete and safe surrender to her deepest desires—are taken away. Left adrift and in pain, Sage begins to rebuild her life one piece at a time.
As she struggles to make sense of things again, her parents arrive from Jamaica for an unexpected visit and her own secrets threaten to destroy the little she has left. Can Sage find redemption in the one woman she turned her back on, or will she allow pride and her own self-destructive nature to ruin any chance at future happiness?

This is a Charis Circle From Margin to Center Literary Event. The suggested donation is $5. 

Event address: 
1189 Euclid Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30307