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« Thursday April 25, 2013 »
Start: 19:30
End: 21:00
    In 12 Floors Above the Earth, Myra Shapiro’s new poems are extraordinarily passionate, sensual, honest, and heart-felt evocations from a life richly lived. They draw upon the author’s Jewish background, questioning intellect, love of family, and refusal to abide by conventional strictures. More than enduring, Myra Shapiro prevails. About the book, Tony Hoagland has said this: “Like Grace Paley or Stanley Kunitz, Myra Shapiro possesses a cultivated, tough-minded voice, and an unflinching human commitment to know more. Whether she is asking hard questions about the flickering strangeness of sexuality, solitude, or religion, her special intelligence finds the difficult hinges and pressure points of life. And, because she does not hide from what she finds, her probing is both beautiful and moving. ‘In longing you close your eyes,’ she says, and ‘in wonder you open them.’ 12 Floors Above the Earth is a wonderfully alert and honest collection of poems. Myra will read from her new collection as well as selections from her older prose works. Copies of her books will be available for purchase at the event and she will be happy to sign them.  This event is co-sponsored by Charis Circle's from Margin to Center Literary Program and the suggested cash donation is $5.  Donate by credit card in advance here:    
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