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« Sunday November 11, 2012 »
Start: 11:00
End: 11:00
Give yourself a few hours to explore the stories your body has to tell. Writing is itself an embodied process and embodying process which can be. Many of us, for different reasons, believe that we must write from our “rational minds” in order to write well -- yet this leaves our bodies without a storyteller, and can result in writing that feels emotionally disconnected. In this workshop, we will engage the power of being grounded in the body when we write, and will explore ways to gently invite the specific sensory details or memories that bring forth powerful body story and character development. We will consider examples from recent memoir, fiction, and poetry, and will write together from the stories our bodies (or our characters' bodies!) are ready to tell. Jen Cross is an extensively anthologized writer who has facilitated trauma survivors’ and sexuality writing workshops for ten years. Her work can be found in many publications, including Nobody Passes, Make/Shift, Best Sex Writing 2008, and The Healing Art of Writing 2010. She blogs regularly at This Program is co-sponsored by Charis Circle's Urban Sustainability and Wellness Series. The suggested donation is $20, half of which will go to support the work of Charis Circle, half will go to support the work of Jen Cross and her teachings. 
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