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have in stock. Visit our store at 1189 Euclid Ave, NE Atlanta, GA 30307 located in the heart of the Little 5 Points business district to see all of our great gift ideas. Charis is fully wheelchair accessible, with an accessible (and gender neutral) bathroom, ramp, and shelves on wheels. We have one van accessible parking spot. 
Questions, ideas? Email us at or call us at (404) 524-0304. Please note that GPS devices will often send you to the wrong place. If you prefer to use your GPS for directions use the address of the Brewhouse Cafe: 401 Moreland Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA 30307. If you are facing the Brewhouse we are located just behind it on the left, diagonally across the street from The Clothing Warehouse. 



Brown Girl Dreaming: What is the role of a feminist bookstore when the world is burning?

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What is the role of a feminist bookstore when the world is burning?  This past Wednesday, one of our favorite authors, Jacqueline Woodson, won the National Book Award for Young Peoples Literature for her book Brown Girl Dreaming. We are thrilled when any author who has given generously of her time and spirit to Charis wins such an important prize, but it is especially meaningful when an out, black, lesbian author who is dedicated to incorporating LGBTQ content into her children's and teen books is recognized for the serious contribution her work makes to the body of American literature.  It was a huge moment for Jacqueline and for all of us who work so hard to get stories that represent all of our children into the world. Yet, as you may have heard, almost as soon as he offered his congratulations, emcee Daniel Handler (aka author Lemony Snicket) paired his praise with a watermelon joke. A watermelon joke.

Every day the authors who come through our doors fight to carve out a little corner of the literary world in which to tell their stories in a fully human way. It is hard, often painful work, and yet most do it with little fanfare and few rewards. That is why it is so gut wrenching to see Jacqueline's moment sullied by Handler's racist jokes. Nikky Finney writes most eloquently about the meaning of this event here in her piece "Choking on Watermelon Seeds" and we encourage everyone to take some time with her words. 

We are thinking of Jacqueline's Brown Girl Dreaming as we sit with the two horrific events of yesterday. Marissa Alexander, who unsuccessfully applied Florida's Stand Your Ground defense after she was charged with firing a warning shot in the air to keep her husband from attacking her, took a plea deal that will send her back to prison while her husband continues to walk free. Darren Wilson won't be brought to trial for killing Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO after a grand jury decided there was not even enough evidence to warrant a trial. Last night, we watched the agony of justice miscarried. We watched it burn into the streets and we wondered what good are stories at a time like this? What can any of us do when the streets are on fire with the pain and rage of dreams destroyed? 

We don't have solutions but we are here, the doors are open, and Charis is a quiet space for you to come today or any day you want to be among people who will remind you that you aren't alone in your anguish. Or we invite you to just come in and be with books, because we know sometimes a book can be a life raft or a window or a door and sometimes you need all three. We are committed to celebrating and protecting the dreams of black girls and all who seek a better world. We need all people to keep fighting and keep dreaming and keep writing. We will be here to catch your stories, hold them high, like a banner, like a shield.  

This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids by Everyone is Gay co-founders Dannielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo

Dec 5 2014 19:30
Dec 5 2014 21:00
America/New York


Everyone is Gay co-founders, Dannielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo, will be touring 21 cities this fall to promote their new book, This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids. At the event, the authors will engage with local communities, share inspiring stories from the book and foster conversations about LGBTQ youth issues, parenting, and diverse representations of family. Canadian author Vivek Shraya will join the authors in select cities. Shraya will read from his book, God Loves Hair.

Check out the video trailer for the book here:


This is a Charis Circle Strong Families, Whole Children event. The suggested donation is $5. 

ISBN-13: 9781452127538
Availability: Special Order - Subject to Availability
Published: Chronicle Books, 9/2014

God Loves Hair (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781551525433
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 days
Published: Arsenal Pulp Press, 9/2014

1189 Euclid Ave NE
Postal Code:
United States

Charis 40th Anniversary T-Shirt

If you didn't get your chance to grab a Charis T-Shirt at one of our many birthday events, you can buy one here now online. They are just $15 plus shipping and come in sizes from child's XL to Adult 3XL. They are midweight black cotton t-shirts, not too thin, not too "beefy." They are preshrunk and run true to "unisex" sizes.
SKU: charist
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Thank You for Making Charis' 40th Birthday So Special!

We are still recovering from all the incredible celebrations we shared with all of you so we will send out a more detailed recap soon. Right now we just want to say thank you from the Charis Books staff and the Charis Circle Board of Directors for a week to remember. Check back here for more photos and recaps soon. 


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